Beauty Salon Financing

 As the demand for pampering and relaxation grows, so does the need for beauty salon financing.

 If you run a beauty salon, you know how important it is to have the right equipment and supplies to give your customers the best experience possible. But depending on the size of your salon and the services you offer, you may need to buy new equipment or hire additional staff to meet customer demand. You may also want to invest in cosmetic upgrades or remodeling projects.

Unfortunately, these kinds of expenses can be challenging to pay out-of-pocket. Banks often think twice about lending money to small businesses that do not have an established credit history and may not be able to prove their ability to pay back loans with collateral.

$500 to $5000 Advance Funding for Salon Business Owners 

Giggle Finance understands that salon business owners need quick access to capital. Our customers often look for salon business loans to help grow their business. Thankfully, with the help of technology, exceptional customer service, and transparency, we provide funding up to $5,000 – flexible enough for business owners like you.

It’s our goal to make it easier for you to get the cash you need when you need it.

How Beauty Salon Financing Can Help

Cash Cushions

Having a cash cushion is essential for any business as it can be used for addressing unforeseen expenses, market shifts, and sales fluctuations. Giggle Finance’s fast approval and funding ensure that you’ll have quick access to capital when you need it.

Inventory Purchases

Stock up on your best-selling hair and beauty products or offer a new product line for your customers. But buying these products in bulk often requires a large sum upfront. A Giggle advance allows you to purchase inventory so you won’t miss out on future sales.

Additional Working Capital

Securing additional working capital is one of the primary reasons business owners apply for a Giggle advance. You can use the money to pay for everyday expenses and bridge seasonal cash flow issues, so you can continue running your salon.

Marketing and Advertising

Many salon business owners forego paying for marketing since it usually costs a significant amount of money upfront. However, it is a necessary expense because, when done right, it can improve brand awareness and encourage customer engagement. Use the Giggle advance to outsource your marketing efforts or pay for promotional materials.

Why Choose Giggle Finance?

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1. 8-Minute Online Application

Salon business owners service dozens of people each day. So, we made sure that our application process could cater to your schedule. It only takes 8 minutes to fill out and submit our fully automated application form. You just need to fill out a few details about your business and securely connect your banking information.

500 Dollar Loan

Receive Up to $5,000

A Giggle advance is perfect for business owners that need quick access to capital. You can receive up to $5,000, and we’ll immediately deposit your funds after approval so you can use them to grow your business.


No Credit Score Requirements

Unlike traditional loans for salons, high credit score isn’t necessary to receive an advance. We only need your bank statements to know how much money you can receive for your salon.

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Absolutely No Hidden Fees

At Giggle Finance, we live by transparency and integrity, so we make it a point to treat every customer with respect and honesty. We make sure that our contracts and online applications are easy to understand – with absolutely 0 hidden fees involved.

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Automatic Repayments

You don’t have to think about late payment penalty fees because repayments are automatically debited from your account.

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Safe and Secure

We use 256-bit encryption, which does NOT allow us to view, store, or show both business and personal information and passwords. Our platform is secure, making Giggle Finance the fastest and most convenient way to secure additional capital for your salon.

Requirements for Salon Business Finance

We like to make it simple for busy salon business owners, so applying for a cash advance doesn’t require much. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Bank account with online access
  • At least three months in business


Apply for a Giggle Finance in 3 Easy Steps

Complete the online application

Step 2: Wait for approval.

Step 3: Receive your money.

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Disclaimer: Giggle provides Revenue Based Financing programs that are for business purposes only. Any mention of any loan product(s), consumer product(s) or other forms of financing are solely for marketing and educational content purposes and to help distinguish Giggle’s product from other comparable financing options available in the market.