Who Qualifies?

We Fund All Kinds of Small Businesses!

We Fund All Kinds of Small Businesses!

Ride share Drivers

Food Delivery

Mobile Services



Self-Employed Workers

Independent Contractors


Self-Employed Workers

We’re here to empower and support the independent workforce like never before.

Qualifying and getting your funds quickly is as easy as 1-2-3!

You must be established for at least three months to qualify. This allows us to assess your financial circumstances and come up with the best terms for you.

You must have a business bank account with online access and we’ll need you to securely connect that account with our third-party processor. (Don’t worry! Everything is completely secured using 256-bit encryption and your private details aren’t shown…even to us!)

Must make at least $3k per month.

Complete your application in just a few moments and get your funds delivered directly to the bank account that you connected!

Generate 1099 income.

Who doesn’t qualify

What about credit requirements?

We don’t bother to set credit requirements as your eligibility is based on your banking history, not past credit. We’re just here to make sure that you can easily access additional funding when you need it.

The gig economy is our jam and we love seeing client success stories come across our screen on a daily basis. Whether you’re an “old pro” or a “rookie,” we’re here to help you stack the game in your favor and provide you the support and peace of mind to hustle the way you want. Whenever you need us, remember, the Giggle Zone is just a click away!