About Us

Our Story: It’s simple. Despite the Gig Economy representing almost 50% of the U.S. workforce, it is frustratingly financially under-served. At Giggle, we’re here to change that. By powering technology, customer service and above all transparency, we can wire cash into your bank account in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s to take on more jobs, pay for that unexpected expense, or solve for your cash-flow needs, Giggle is here for you.

Our Mission: Giggle was founded with one clear and simple mission: To provide transparent and fast financing to the Gig Economy.

Our Core Values: Giggle is 100% committed to serving the Gig Economy. Our approach to delivering universal access to financing for the Gig Economy begins with our core values:

  • Transparency: Transparency and Integrity build trust. We strive to make our application and financing contract simple and easy to understand without any hidden fees. It is important we treat ourselves and customers with respect and be honest with one another

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Listen, understand and be extremely compassionate with the customer.

  • Caring Deeply: The more we care, the more we can provide exceptional customer service.

  • Innovation: Our customers deserve world class treatment and world class products to fuel their goals.  Let’s build a better financial world through technology and innovation.


Giggle was founded by Jared & Mike, feel free to approach us with any questions – seriously we won’t bite: jared@gigglefinance.com or mike@gigglefinance.com

About Us