Truck Driver Loan

For entrepreneurs running their own trucking company, unpredictable expenses – i.e. blown tires, truck damages, delays in delivery, payment delays and driver overtime – are par for the course. It’s imperative that trucking business owners have access to additional capital so they are able cover these types of costs without disrupting their company’s cash flow.

At Giggle Finance, we know that small businesses often find it challenging to qualify for bank loans. Banks and other conventional financial institutions are hesitant to lend money to trucking companies in particular because of the industry. Typically, it’s only the biggest trucking companies making millions of dollars in revenue that are able to receive quality loans from banks. Even those that do qualify will find that the underwriting process and speed of funding can be frustratingly slow.

At Giggle, we’re here to revolutionize the business financing landscape by wiring the funds into your bank account within minutes. We’re committed to delivering quick funding for truckers, independent contractors and the entire Gig Economy.


What is a Truck Driver Loan?

A Giggle advance for truck drivers allows you to access additional working capital by selling a percentage of your future sales. The payments are collected by automated debits until the advance, plus a small service fee, is repaid in full.

Our application process is similar to applying for a truck driver loan from a lender. Giggle approves and funds for your advance application in minutes. There are no hidden fees and it won’t affect your credit score.

How to Qualify for a Truck Driver Loan?

Applying with Giggle Finance is fast and simple, and both self-employed professionals and small business owners are eligible. We do not have a credit requirement for application. Instead, we’ll analyze your bank statements to determine how much you can afford. We only require that your business be in operation for a minimum of three months to qualify with Giggle.

How to Get an Advance from Giggle Finance in 3 Easy Steps

Traditional lenders often require strong credit scores and extensive financial documentation to apply. At Giggle Finance, it’s our mission to provide transparent and fast funding for small business owners and self-employed professionals like you.

Here’s how to get a Giggle advance in three easy steps:

Apply loan now


Complete a simple online application and verify your bank details in less than eight minutes. Add a few details about your business and connect your bank account.

get your loan approved


Approval is instant

loans for self employed


You can qualify for up to $5,000 and access your funds immediately.

What Can a Truck Driver Loan Do for Your Business?

The funds from a Giggle advance can be used for virtually any business expense. Here are a few ways a truck driver loan can be utilized:

1. Cover Unforeseen Expenses

Unforeseen expenses are within the nature of a trucking business. A Giggle advance can be used to cover unexpected financial issues that may arise and catch your business off guard, such as unpaid invoices from nonpaying customers, legal issues, repairs, maintenance and more.

2. Finance Larger Projects

You may be ready to start taking on larger projects that will contribute to the growth and expansion of your trucking company. A Giggle advance provides trucking entrepreneurs with the funds they need to take on bigger jobs to fuel business growth.

3. Hire More Drivers

As your trucking business grows, you’ll need to hire more drivers to keep up with increased demand. However, there are certain costs that must be paid before you can employ new drivers. Hiring expenses may include paying for a recruiter or posting on job sites. You may also need to pay for permits, insurance, training, licenses, uniforms, personal equipment, and other expenses.

Depending on how many drivers you’re looking to hire, these costs can add up and become rather steep. You can use your Giggle advance to pay for these costs associated with hiring and training.

4. Purchase Trucks and Other Equipment

Successful trucking companies rely heavily on fully-functioning equipment and vehicles. Whether you want to buy new or used vehicles or equipment, a Giggle advance ensures that you’ll have the funds to purchase the equipment you need when you need it.

5. Fuel Business Growth

Business growth and expansion often require a significant cash investment. A Giggle advance enables you to take your trucking business to the next level without putting a strain on your available working capital. You can use the funds to expand to a new location, invest in advertising and marketing campaigns, hire additional employees, and other expenses associated with business growth.

6. Outsourcing

One or two people cannot shoulder all the tasks that go into running a small business. Trucking business owners need help with accounting, web design, marketing, and other responsibilities outside of your expertise. You may need to outsource these tasks by using the services of an agency or hiring additional workers. You can use the funds from a Giggle advance to pay for outsourcing.

7. Build or Develop a Main Office

Building or developing your headquarters can be expensive, but with a Giggle advance, you’ll have the funds you need to renovate and improve your main office.

8. Upgrade Technology

Technology and innovation continue to revolutionize the trucking industry. Investing in the latest tech, such as improved camera systems, electric trucks, and trucker apps, is one of the most effective ways to establish a competitive advantage.

Applying for financing can help to fund these innovations that will help improve the overall efficiency of your company and create a safer working environment for your drivers.

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