Giggle is an online finance platform helping small business owners and 1099 workers with instant access to capital.
A Giggle advance allows a small business owner to access capital now by selling a portion of their future sales. It is collected by automated debits until the initial amount plus a service fee is repaid in full. Giggle gives you access to funds in minutes.

Giggle provides up to $5,000 for qualified businesses.

Giggle does not have any credit requirements, instead we analyze your bank statements to determine what your business can afford. Giggle is eligible to all self-employed professionals and small business owners. We require at least 3 months in business to qualify.

Giggle was designed specifically to enhance your privacy and security. We operate using 256‐bit encryption. Username and passwords are never displayed, viewed or stored. This is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way for you to submit your information for approval.

Giggle has a simple application process that takes less than 8 minutes. Tell us a little about your business and securely connect your bank account (usernames and passwords are never displayed, viewed or stored). Approval is then granted instantly, and you have access to your funds in minutes!

Only business owners and self-employed individuals qualify for Giggle. Your business must be established at least 3 months.