About Us

The independent workforce represents nearly 50% of the entire U.S. workforce and is one of the most overlooked and underserved segments in our economy.

At Giggle, our mission is to change that. We’ve turned cutting-edge technology, incredible customer service, and transparency into our superpowers so we can provide automated financing solutions.


Our Mission

We’re empowering our friends in the independent workforce and those who own small businesses to continue building and scaling their businesses regardless of cash flow difficulties or unexpected expenses.

Now, you can acquire the financing needed to scale your hustle or small business, pay for an unexpected expense or solve dreaded cash flow issues.

We are 100% committed to serving the independent workforce. Our core values form the foundation for every interaction, every time.


This is how we build trust, by making our application process and financing contract incredibly simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees. 

Customer Service

We listen, ensure we understand, and engage with extreme compassion with every single customer in every interaction.

Caring Deeply

We’re passionately invested in the lives of our customers and know that the more we care, the better the service.


Our customers deserve world-class treatment and world-class products to fuel their goals. Together, we can elevate your side hustle, gig, or small business and, in turn, elevate our financial world!

We help Small business
owners Giggle.

Some of our happy customers

The gig economy is our jam and we love seeing client success stories come across our screen on a daily basis. Whether you’re an “old pro” or a “rookie,” we’re here to help you stack the game in your favor and provide you the support and peace of mind to hustle the way you want. Whenever you need us, remember, the Giggle Zone is just a click away!